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Friday, July 31, 2009

Tako-yaki -Gotochi Kitty-

Today, Hello Kitty is loved by the people in all of the world.
In this blog, we will introduce to you "Gotochi Kitty" and including Japanese culture also.


Do you know "Tako-yaki"?? "Tako-yaki"is the one of famous snacks which is loved by most of Japanese people especially in Kansai area(Western part of Japan).
Of course, the people of the other area also like it.

"Tako-yaki" is a popular fast food such as "tacos" saying in Mexico, and "Fish and Chips" saying in British.

"Tako-yaki" is the dish of Osaka origination which is baked up the small balls(3 to 5cm) of the flour melted by water with small pieces of octopuses inside.
There is "Tako-yaki" shop that we can eat "Tako-yaki" in a shop, but generally, people love to buy them in a "Tako-yaki" stand, for To go.
And also, many of people make "Tako-yaki" in their house and they have each of their styles to make them, so there is no rules to make "Tako-yaki", people just have a fun to cook and eat them whatever they want to.

Here is basic recipe of "Tako-yaki"

How to Make "Tako-yaki"

1. Pour the flour which is dissolved by the soup stock (by dried bonito) into an exclusive iron plate.

2. Put the small pieces of octopus into them.

3. Add your favorite toppings (green onion and, red ginger etc...)

4. When the surface is getting burned, you should roll and roll them to make spherically shapes.

5. When clean burning color is appeared, it is ready to eat!

6. Put a sauce and green seaweed on the top, and using toothpick to eat them!

You can enjoy wonderful taste of "Tako-yaki" which is inside is so melty and the outside is crispy.

Movie for making "Tako-yaki"

Today, "Tako-yaki" is so popular and it loved in all of Japan, and many of women who are from Western part of Japan bring their own making "Tako-yaki" machines to new house, when they get married. However, there is no custom to eat "Tako-yaki" in other countries, so it is not so popular as Japanese food like Sushi or Tempura.

We recommend you to eat "Tako-yaki" strongly if you have a chance to visit Japan or find them in the Japanese supermarkets of your countries.
We promise that you will love them once you eat them!

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kyoto Maiko Kitty -GOTOCHI Kitty-

Today, Hello Kitty is loved by the people in all of the world.
In this blog, we will introduce to you "Gotochi Kitty" and including Japanese culture also.

Do you know "Maiko of Kyoto"?? They are young girls who making up thier face really white and wearing colorful Kimono. You can meet them if you walk around on the main bar town's street of Kyoto such as "Gionkobu", "Ponto-cho", "Kamishichiken", "Miyagawa-cho", "Gion-Higashi".
They are not general girls, They are called "Maiko"who is on training for being professional "Geigi". "Geigi" is the ladies who sings and dancing of Japanese traditional dance and songs for treating the guests of party at those places.
When they are in the days of Maiko, they wearings coloful Kimono like this Kitty(images), and this style is represented Kyoto cultures, so probably Maiko is more famous and familiar than proffesional Geiko.

At one time, around 9 to 12 years old girls could be Maiiko but now, most of Maiko are older than 15 years old after graduate Japanese junior high school. When they become around 20 years old, they will be proffesional Geiko.

If you want to try to be Maiko, you can find many photo studios where let you wear wear Maiko's Kimono and, take pictures of you.
Even if you are elder than 20 years old, please don't care about being Maiko!!

Photo studios for the people who want to be Maiko!(For English)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Today, Hello Kitty is loved by the people in all of the world.
In this blog, we will introduce to you "Gotochi Kitty" and including Japanese culture also.

☆Tokyo Tower☆

Tokyo tower is radio wave tower such as famous television & radio as the symbol sight spot of Tokyo. The tower of height is 333m.

At that time, when Tokyo tower was constructed, It was the tower which pulls out the Paris Eiffel tower and is highest in the world.

The Japanese people likes the number of "3" from ancient times. Was it influenced that on the Tokyo tower's height where 3 lines up, or not...??
By the way, the highest tower in the world is the American KVLY-TV tower now.

Tokyo tower is loved as sightseeing stop of Japan, Tokyo. Many students of schools where in out of Tokyo, go to there as for school trip.

From the ground 120m, there is a large observatory which is two layers and a part of floor is glazed, so if you stand on there, you will be able to look down at the ground. Are you scary?!
And also, there is another special observatory the height of 223m from the ground, you can get bird-eyes view of Tokyo if you stand there.
There is also the illumination of the color changing, and the interior is designed silver color. We recommend to visit there at the night time, it will be so romantic night...

Under the tower, there is a building which has five floors. In that building, you can enjoy the sight-seeing recreation facilities like Tokyo souvenir shops, trick art gallery and wax dolls mansion.
On the holidays, the stairs where from that building to the large observatory is opened, so you can challenge to climb to the top on foot.

The construction of a new transmitter tower of Tokyo sky tree has started before the switch to the terrestrial digital broadcasting.
Tokyo Tower finishes a duty as the original electric wave tower, and it has possibility to demolish, but many people do not expect it.
Tokyo tower is one of the most important buildings to symbolize Tokyo for the people who lives and loves there.
And also, Tokyo tower is treated as a symbolically in a variety of novels and movies too.

It is not only for just a building, but also Tokyo tower exists at the familiar place of heart of the people.

This Kitty on the strap has a camera on her hands and stare the Tokyo tower with shining eyes. This Kitty might be expressing such a people's feelings.

※In Tokyo tower of the strap, the letter, “Tokyo” has printed on the side, but of cause it has not really entered in the real

Tokyo tower web site(for English)

Roppongihills web site(for English)
From the observatory of Tokyo City View, you can look the whole of Tokyo Tower from the near position.

ALWAYS Sanchome no Yuhi(only Japanese)
This is the famous movie of Japan. You can learn the typical Japanese lives at that time durling the Tokyo tower construction.








ALWAYS 三丁目の夕日(日本語ページ)

Monday, July 13, 2009

What is GOTOCHI Kitty??

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Independence Day

Hi, This is Shihoco女

How was your Independence Day of this year??
Did you watch and enjoy the Fireworks??

I really like the Fireworks of America.(Maybe more than Japanese one)
The first time I watch the Fireworks in USA was at the DisneyLand of Anaheimイケテル
Have you ever been to there??

They were starting to play music before the Fireworks is launched,
and then we could enjoy music and Fireworks at the sametime.
That made us more impressive and fantastic.
In Japan, It is not usual to play music when we watch the Fireworks.
Maybe some Japanese people says, It's against Japanese traditional way to enjoy the Fireworks but I still think, it is great technique to make the people to fascinate...ラブ

Oh I miss Fireworks of there...

By the way...

Now Im really into the aroma goods.
Do you know Aroma Tarts??

This is YANKEE CANDLE bland's Aroma Tarts.

I got Plumeria and Ocean Water Tarts.
Just warm the Tarts on the steamer,the good fragrance spreads to the room...
If I live in there, I can buy many kinds of Tarts...ポロリ
I can't find only a few kinds of fragrances in Japan.

Next time I visit to USA, I will buy sooooooo many of Tarts!!ラッキー

Im going to Tokyo tomorrow.

See you soon