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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The rainy season

Hi, How are you?
Tonight, Shiho is writingラッキー

Long time no updating this blog...I'm sorry about that.
Please let me make an excuse...
We had been working so hard to complete our web store since we desided to renewal.

The first thing, we had to start for translating all Japanese of our site pages into English.
That was not easy for usムニョムニョ
It took long time than I expected.

If you find any mistakes of my English in our web site or this blog either, please please let me know them見る

Now we are completely ready to introduce Japanese latest trend items to youグッド
Please check all items, we promise that you will be able to find something you really like and wantおはな

Now, here in Japan is rainy season雨
Do you like rainy day???
How do you spend time inside of your house??家

Take care,


Thank you