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Friday, May 28, 2010

Real 28th May 2010

How are u today and what you're gonna do on Friday night??

I'm drinking a can of fake
I think this beer is made with hop,sugar and food additives. ANYWAY, I love to drink this instead of real beer. So economical and still taste good and real beer for me.(●´mn`)
Do u have this kind of drinks in your country??


Wednesday, May 26, 2010



Today's make up.
I customized under false lashed. (which was in my older post.)

I need more concern to look more natural.

I don't like rainy day...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Relaxing Friday Night.

What are u doing on Friday night?!

I just changed my hair color again.(Sorry! no make-up XD.)
I really don't feel like dying my hair again, because my hair has been so damaged...
However, my natural black hair is came out, so it was look like pudding.LOLSee full size image
I used the hair dying kit which I showed on last entry of this blog.
Very easy to use. Just shaking the bottle, then put on my hair. Takes only 5 mins.
I'm going to cut my hair tomorrow afternoon.

Today, I just write my blog lazily with some cute images...
I wanna show my favorite perfume which I use daily.
my favorite perfume
I use everyday, every time. I also love to wear perfume before I go bed.
Does anyone agree with that??
This hair oil is soooooooooo great!
I have repeated to buy once I started to use this.
I cannot live without this Just put 3 pushes on my hair every time before I dry my hair, then my hair becomes so shiny and healthy. I want you to keep use this at least a month first, then you'll see the great result.

A few music and videos which I like...
Take-off by ViViD

波紋”HAMON"by ViViD

キスミイスノウ"kiss me snow" by 彩冷える"ayabie"

Cubic'「LR」ock by 彩冷える"ayabie"

Caress of Venus by L'arc~en~Ciel

-I'll- by Dir en grey

予感"Yokan" by Dir en grey

Please pick any clips and watch if you are interested in Visual-Kei musics.
I was crazy about Visual musics when I was high school to around 20 years old.
I still check a few bands and buy their CDs if I really like the songs.
(first 2 clips are still new songs.)

What is your plan of this weekend?
Please please have a great your days off, and if you'll work on weekend please feel easy and enjoy your job!
Thank you for reading my blog today too.☆★☆★☆
I hope all you have a great weekend.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

New cosmetics and I bought a few things.

How are you doing?? For me, I just like to sleep these days,,, I don't know why but I feel so bad every morning when the time is coming to wake up to go work...I think many people thinks same same.

Today, I update some pictures of the new cosmetics which I bought in last Sunday.

Bland new cheek color from Cosmagic.

There are two kinds colors and I got peach pink. ( another one is maybe Strawberry pink.)
CM of this product is showing in Japan now.

I haven't used this yet...( I usually don't do make up seriously when I go work...)
Maybe I'll use this in Saturday, I should take a picture of how it'll work, I was so lazy to take my face picture recently...sorry.)  I know I have to show the result as long as I show the new cosmetics I bought.((+_+))

And this.

How is inside...

Yes~~~!! A container for false eyelashes.
There are a few plastic partitions which are written Right and Left.
Looks convenient. I've already put my lashes like this.

I know about this thing, because my friend already had this and she said it is useful, so I decided next time I find this I'm gonna buy.

Then a few more things...

Skin lotion with collagen.
This can use for over the make up.

Suave's body wash.
This is expensive! if I buy in Japan...I could get this really good deal in the US,  sometime 3 for $10 or like that, I have to pay more than $7 for one bottle...(T_T) Well,,, It's always happened If I buy the imported products in Japan.

and I got this today for new hair. I'll cut my hair again in this Saturday.

I used this before and very easy to use.
The color is CARAMEL CUSTARD again.(*^_^*)

Oh, I'll go to the first lesson for TOEIC tomorrow.
I knew my teacher is really nice, but I'm kinda nerves to start new thing.
Well, I just do my best and have fun for learning English.

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day!!

I've been drinking red wine with writing this, now I got drunk little bit...
I'm gonna go to bed.


Monday, May 17, 2010

A story. and I'll start studying English again.

How was your weekend? Did you have parties? or just relaxing @ your house??
For me, I went to see my English teacher after an interval of 10 years today.
I met him at the first time when I was high school student, my mom's friend knew him and he has been taking English private lesson from him, then he introduced him to me, and I had started taking his English lessons too. He gave the lessons at the nice restaurant where served really nice Mexican food and some drinks as well,(of cause I couldn't drink when I went to there.(T_T)) I learned English basically from him, and they (another women who took care of the restaurant and helped me a lot either.) also helped me a lot to go to the USA for studying after I finished high school. They were the part of changing my life...However the time has past,,,We don't contact each other anymore, I've been looking for them, but I couldn't find...they also have closed the restaurant already, I had no ideas where they were at all. And then 10 years later...just a month ago,  the teacher found me on the Facebook, and he talked to me! I was sooooooooooooo surprised and I was like,,,,oh my god, I just can't believe I'm talking with you now again!!!! He said that they came back to this town a couple years ago, and started the English lessons again here.
I just visited their new place today and we've talked more than 3 hours...actually 3 hours were not enough at all to tell the whole storied of us in the past 10 years.
We had a great time and I decided to start taking his English lesson again from next week.
Sad to say, my English has been getting worth since I came back to Japan.
I will study for TOEIC test over a year from now, I hope I will be able to get good score in next year with that.

Does anybody have taken TOEIC test before??
In Japan, many Japanese who study English take TOEIC test for proving their English skills for their careers or just improving their English.
High TOEIC score helps us a lot when we want to change the job or job transferring.
I don't know how much I can increase my TOEIC score in a year, but I'm just gonna try.
And also I feel a kind of happy that I can find something that I really want to try hard with the purpose.

Sorry, today's entry is kinda boring, too

Ok, by the way, I tried the false eyelashes for the under lashes which I showed on the last entry.
But I just put them so simple, no customizing at all.

I think this looks too fake.LOL
I need to customize them with other false lashes to adapt my eyes.
I also wanna get new color lenses...I'll try grey color next time.

Oh, I think I got drunk a little,,,I only had a can of CHU-HI with writing this. I never get drunk only a couples of cans of CHU-HI, strange.(--〆)

I went to get some new cosmetics today at Donki.(Please don't ask me how many times I go there...??lol) I will update about those things soon.

Thank you for reading my blog today too,
Hope all you have a great night.☆

Today's song.
One of my favorite band. ViViD★

Bye, Shihoco.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Single of Ketsumeishi.

New single of Ketsumeishi. 『Nakama』 ケツメイシの『仲間』. It's just released yesterday.
I really loved them when I was around 20 years old.
All of my friends loved them too, their songs reminds me a l lot of things which were happened
when I was young and great time with my friends.

One of my best friend from high school loves this song, called 『Tomodachi.』 『トモダチ』.

This one is my favorite song, called 『Genzai』 『現在』

I'm sure that many Japanese people around my ages love them so much.
If it's possible I wanna be back to 10 years ago and hung out with my best friends again...

What is your sweet old song??


Thank you so much everybody!! Happy gifts.

Good evening, here is just turned to midnight of 13th.
Yesterday was my best friend's birthday I sent a text to her. I hope she has great time with her boyfriend. I wrote to her, "Who is the lucky guy who can get your birthday night?!" hahaha...

My laptop is working so slow today,,,makes me disgust.(T_T) I don't know why, cause of bad weather outside?? It could be...

I wanna show you the nice stuffs which my friends gave me for my birthday.
I'm so happy that people remember my birthday and spend their time to look for the gift for me.

This is from Atsuko who works with me on our website, she always has really good taste and make the cute wrappings with her idea. This lace board is made by her too, and cute earrings, I cannot wait to wear them.

Pink iPod nano!! Cute metallic pink. I'll use it when I go to work.

EVANGELION2.0 noddles and miso-soup.LOL
I've already ate one of them, but I didn't want to throw the cup after I finished to eat.^^;

Cellphone charm of Cinnamoroll. I love Cinnamo!!
His eyes looks dizzy!!lol I just broke the charm for my cell which I used to put the other day, so I'm glad to have new charm!Thank you!

Thank you so much everybody!

I bought new false eyelashes yesterday.

This one for under lashes. Separated 4 small parts so I can customize to my favorite style.
I've never tried this type false eyelashes before, I need to practice to put them naturally.

Long holidays were just finished on last week.
Now I have to go back to regular routine of works. I already can't want for summer vacation on Aug. I was planning to travel to San Diego, but I don't think I can go this time. I miss there~~.
What is your plans for summer vacation of this year??

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all of you have a great day☆
I'm also glad to receive your comments any time. Thank you thank you!!