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Monday, December 27, 2010

I cannot wait new major debut single of ViViD.


Their major debut single will be on sale next month.
I cannot wait to listen their wonderful sound.

Happy Holiday and A Happy New Year for all readers of my blog.

I hope I can blog more on next

I love you all.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing Funny Mascara.


I've been far from blog about a month.
There are a not special reason, just lazy and I've been busy to watch DVDs.
I've been really into PRISON BREAK, I keep watching 5 stories in a row almost everyday. at least 3
times a week. I know I'm totally late to be crazy about this drama, however I haven't tried to watch them 
in the original time.
As you know, original program is already finished, so now I can rental every stories at the store.
That's why I cannot stop watching, I hate to wait another new story will come when I'm watching drama.

Not only watching DVDs of my last month, I attended 2 wedding parties of my friends.
At the first wedding party, bride who is my good friend picked me to give her bouquet and I 
recieve it, instead she did bouquet toss. She said she could get married by my favor,
How sweet is she.
Of cause that was my first wonderful experience, I'm the happy girl next to her that

I went to small shopping at drug store a few days ago.
And I found very funny Mascara.

One of my friend told me this product previously, but I really don't remember.
Then I found it, I was just gonna try to buy this.


There are two bottle of Mascara as one set.
It says, bottle No.1 and No.2.

At the first, No.1 (usual black one.) apply to my natural eyelashes,
then before the No.1 mascara is dried up, apply No.2 mascara.

Look this No.2 mascara, there are filled with something white like fiber.

It looks like dust

then Apply No.1 mascara again.

I tried this today to go work, I think It works well.
My lashes are getting thick and long.

Here is the pictures that are compared my natural lashes and then applied those.

Before Applied.

After Applied.

Please check and try EYE WANT If you love this result.

*I was having a fun when I applied No.2 dusts on my

Thank you for reading my blog today too.

I hope all you have a great day and night.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brand New Song of AYU "CROSSROAD" produced by Tetsuya Komuro

Oh my godness, I haven't known Tetsuya Komuro's first recovery producing song (*He committed a crime and he has been refraining voluntarily from media.) was for AYU.

I want to buy this CD...

She is a charismatic Diva of Japanese girl's singers in 2000's, and Tetsuya Komuro is the wonderful
music producer of Japanese pop music in '90 to '00 as well.

Sorry for short updated.
I just really want to let you tell and listen this brand new song of her.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shopping for Autumn 2010. Clothes and a few small things.


Finally, I went to go short shopping for Autumn.
I haven't bought any clothes for Autumn yet until this shopping. I've still kept wearing summer
dresses and sandals, however I knew It's a totally out-of-season already.
I couldn't have any ideas of styles for this Autumn myself so I went to shopping without any thought.

Also I didn't have enough time to look around all shops this time, so I stayed only one building and bought all the things above pictures.

WHat I got....
At the first store.

Black shirts. 3,900yen
Leopard pattern short skirt(inside is like a pants style.) 3,900yen.

Shirts detail.

Skirt detail.

This is the first time to try for this color's of leopard pattern.
Green×Brown. Makes more grown up looking than regular leopard color pattern.

I moved to another store and I got those.

Fringe boots. 4,050yen.

I always love the things which has
I usually don't buy brown boots, so this is the nice trying for me as Autumn fashion of this year.

Paisley motif chiffon dress. 2,490yen

Dress detail.

I like this feather accessory.
I think this paisley motif's coloring is so cute. not common color as paisley.
I'll wear short jean pants with this tops like in this picture.

I also tried other dress which I already have with brown fringe boots.

I bought this dress about 2 years ago, but I think still possible to wear this coming season too.

I also got new face powder a few days ago from Angel Color.

Angel Color is originally store for color lenses, but I found many magazines said, this face powder
works very well.
I usually use powder after B.B cream.
This is not bad at all, I like it but it won't be my favorite...too powdery for my skin.
I like the one which has more moisturizing effect.

One more product for my nail.

Sally Hansen
HARD AS WRAPS nail polish.

This nail polish makes my nails looks like covered with gel.
Well, I prefer real gel nails from salon...but I have to save money so I bought this.


Sorry, I haven't colored my nails lately. Maybe I'll put color on this weekend.

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
Hope all you have a great day.

Good bye with funny masked

Wednesday, September 8, 2010



I got great gift from my friend Kari who lives in California.
She sent me such a wonderful stuffs for my birthday, my birthday was about 5 months ago,lol
but who cares that, I'm just so happy with her sweet heart.

She knows my taste very well since we've been great friend close to 10 years.
When she gets the gifts for me, always picks somethings makes me sexy and gorgeous, maybe
she wants me to be more sexy girl.:D

I went to pick my package to the post office near my house.


Body care products from VICTORIA'S SECRET.

(Refreshing body mist)
Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Mango.

I excepted the smells of rose when I saw this bottle's design, but much better than rose's smell.
Little sweet and very softy fruit's smell.
I love this the best in the three of them.

Romantic Wish.
(ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream.)

I'm the person who use hand cream all season after I wash my hands.
My hand skin is really easy to get dryness all the time, so I'm really happy to get new cream for
my hands.
Honesty, I cannot say what kind of smell is this, maybe some flowers but my first impression of this smell is "water melon." but I'm sure that I'm wrong and I have bad nose.:(

(Hydratind body lotion.)
Pear blossom, peach, and pink sugar.

This is the first time to try this series from Victoria's for me.
I spread just a little bit on my arm, and this works very good.
My skin was getting very soft and smooth.
It said "SPARKLING" so I thought this lotion make my skin shiny, but it not.
I really don't care about that anyway, because I'll use this for daily, I don't need to be shining.

(Powder puff.)

And she put a wonderful body cosmetic from Victoria's too.
This is the body powder for making my skin very very shiny!

I tried on my hand.
My skin is shining with gold and yellow tiny powder.:D
So cute. I do wanna wear this when I attend my friend's wedding party for next week.

Thank you again, Kari.

I'm so happy that my collection of body care goods is expanded!

Today's  song.

Brand new single of ViViD.

Thank you for reading my blog.
I hope all you have a great day.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to make original false eye lashes for under eye.

Today, I wanna show you how to make (customize) original false eye lashes.
This is the way I found out a while ago, I hope It'll be help for your ideas to create your original favorite style false eye lashes.

I'm typing very slowly tonight, cause I've just put nail polish on my finger nails, I'm afraid to scratch at my undried nails...but If I keep typing this speed, It'll take forever for finishing to write
So, I don't write a lot, I'll update many images instead of.

*I apologize to you for all the pictures are too small and unclear by some reasons. :(

At the beginning, I'll show you which kinds of false eye lashed I used to customize.

☆Diamond Lash (Loverly eye)

☆Diamond Lash (Sweet eye)

I'll start with this.

Cut and Separate for two pieces. (Separate for Last 4 pieces of thick part and the other slight lashes part.)

Cut thick pieces again and make them for 4 pieces.

Put back the small 4 pieces which are made at process ② to the slight part. You can put them back by your favorite balance.

④If you want to make more thick ,use this 
piece of Diamond Lash (Sweet eye), for extending the corner.

For more customizing,
 use other pieces of 

and, cut your favorite length,(I recommend to cut them little short length for looks natural.)

You can add the pieces which are made at process ⑤ as much as you want to fit your eye shapes or make-up.

*I put  ☆Diamond Lash(glamorous eye) for the upper lashes.

 Do you like this customized false lashes?

  *I always use this glue, it works really great for my false eye lashes. You can check from here.

Thank you for reading my tutorial for making original false eye lashes, I hope it'll help for you to make your favorite false lashes!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ohisashiburi. Hello Kitty's New Cosmetic back.


Please don't call me "lazy girl". I stopped updating my blog a few weeks. Even I didn't have a chance to visit your's blogs who left comments, I'm so sorry, but I read all of comments, and I go now after I finished update mine.

Did you see my new my blog's top page??
I used to use Sakurina's picture as my top pages's image, but now I got new one which is made with
my picture...I still don't get used to see that, feel little ashamed, but I do love it! Thank you Atsuko!
She made that for me last night. She always does great job.
Do you like my new top page?

I forgot to update my new cosmetic bag of Hello Kitty.
As soon as I found big face of Kitty at the store, I decided to bring her to my house.
Also there was only last one left.


Cute red and white dots with Hello Kitty logo.

I put base make-up cosmetics and a few packs of false eyelashes.

However this pouch is a little too big for bringing around, so I usually leave my room, I only bring it out when I stay somewhere else.

Two songs of MiChi.
I'm really into her sound recently....
I hope you'll like her songs too.


KiSS KiSS / MiChi

You gotta be / MiChi version.

Love you all.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Special Gifts from Conny-chan and Kathy-san.

I was bad that I have stopped to update my blog again.
How have you been friends?!

Here in Nagano is too hot recently, I really wanna go to the beach, it doesn't matter that I cannot Are u good at swimming??
When I was living in California, I went to beach a lot. I miss one place where called "Dog beach", there were many dogs were talked a walk all the time, I always hoped to take my dog to there, but she was in Japan so I couldn't.

I got some great gifts from my friends from blogger, I'm so sorry that I haven't had a chance to update my blog until now.

I really love all the things and I asked to my friend Atsuko who designed this blog to take those items pictures, she is good photographer she always takes nice and beautiful photos. I always take the photos in this blog myself with stupid camera on my cell phone, but this time I really want to update those item's pictures in here with beautiful picture which was taken by her to thanks my friends.

I received an early Christmas gift from Conny.

I do think that Conny knew that I'm body care goods freak.
I love to try other countries body care things, cause there are many kinds of smells that I cannot get in Japan, this one is too, I've never seen this passion fruits body wash in here.
I've been waiting for using this until it was taken in the picture.

Cute two colors of nail polishes and strawberry lip gross.
I've been looking for bright color nail polishes, so I was so happy to have them.
I'll wear vivid pink one for pedicure and salmon pink one for manicure.
I've already tried the strawberry lip gross, taste was so good! just but smells like real
strawberry, and makes my lips really shiny.

HARIBO's candies!
She remembered that I wrote about HARIBO's gummy before in my blog, said I love them, thank you! I shared with Atsuko, and we were excited that the textures of face shapes one.
Outside of face was hard gummy candy and the middle was soft candy which was like yogurt flavor. We never find in Japan, I still keep bear's gummy, I'm sure that once I opened that package I cannot stop eating until it'll be empty.

Thank you so much Conny! Please visit her blog, and say hi to her!!

One more great gifts from Kathy!
Look at those pictures.

Cute putit cup cakes!! but unfortunately, I cannot eat them...

Those are all rip grosses from NYX.
She got them for me, because she knew that those are expensive if I buy them in Japan, also
I cannot find many NYX cosmetics in my city.
I don't want to pick just one from those so I'll carry around a few kinds and use anything I want with my mood.

Thank you always Kathy! Here is Kathy's blog. There are many kinds of cosmetics reviews which are written by her, I'm sure that it'll help you a lot!

How nice that we can share cute and nice things from different countries...
I'm always curious what the things from Japan makes people from other countries happy the most...

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day and night.

I'll visit your blog soon too.

Bye for now...