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Monday, November 8, 2010

Amazing Funny Mascara.


I've been far from blog about a month.
There are a not special reason, just lazy and I've been busy to watch DVDs.
I've been really into PRISON BREAK, I keep watching 5 stories in a row almost everyday. at least 3
times a week. I know I'm totally late to be crazy about this drama, however I haven't tried to watch them 
in the original time.
As you know, original program is already finished, so now I can rental every stories at the store.
That's why I cannot stop watching, I hate to wait another new story will come when I'm watching drama.

Not only watching DVDs of my last month, I attended 2 wedding parties of my friends.
At the first wedding party, bride who is my good friend picked me to give her bouquet and I 
recieve it, instead she did bouquet toss. She said she could get married by my favor,
How sweet is she.
Of cause that was my first wonderful experience, I'm the happy girl next to her that

I went to small shopping at drug store a few days ago.
And I found very funny Mascara.

One of my friend told me this product previously, but I really don't remember.
Then I found it, I was just gonna try to buy this.


There are two bottle of Mascara as one set.
It says, bottle No.1 and No.2.

At the first, No.1 (usual black one.) apply to my natural eyelashes,
then before the No.1 mascara is dried up, apply No.2 mascara.

Look this No.2 mascara, there are filled with something white like fiber.

It looks like dust

then Apply No.1 mascara again.

I tried this today to go work, I think It works well.
My lashes are getting thick and long.

Here is the pictures that are compared my natural lashes and then applied those.

Before Applied.

After Applied.

Please check and try EYE WANT If you love this result.

*I was having a fun when I applied No.2 dusts on my

Thank you for reading my blog today too.

I hope all you have a great day and night.



  1. hello.
    my friend told me you living in japan?
    and you make a shopping service... is that right?
    please write me the answere in my blog .
    thank you !
    have a nice day

  2. Hiya Pladge!!

    I own something similar to this.. except that mine has two fibers, black for volumising and white for whitening.

    How have you been sweetie? Been ages since you last blogged, am missing you and your posts!! =D

  3. Wow! that mascara does make a big difference. I really like the packaging....

  4. Ehhh I don't really like it. -_-