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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Body butter freaks

Hi,Shihoco dayo~~~.
I'm drinking beer and writing this article now. lol
I have loved beer so much since I lived in USA, before I moved to there, I really didn't drink beer that much.However, in USA, there are many kinds of beer and all of them are so cheap comparing with in Japan. I still have many pics of me at the party with grasping the can of beer on my
What kind of beer do you like the best??

Well, tonight I'm going to talk about how much I love Body butter and creams...
Since I was teenager, I have been collecting perfumes and body lotions then after I moved to USA, I really loved to go the drugstores or stores where have bath supplies to find new smells of lotions or good quality one's to fit my skin.
After I returned to Japan, I shop on the web or ask the friends who lives in USA to get them for me:D

I'm gonna introduce to you a few of my favorite lotion or creams.

This is new one which I got as a souvenir from my best friend who lives in Washington, D.C. She bought for me when she came back to Japan.
Sweet Orange colors cream...I couldn't use it because I don't want to break this cute stripes, so I really don't know the smells of it

Those are from Bath and Body Works.

I really love this brand from a few years ago.
Once I stop this store at the mall, I couldn't leave
They are always provide good quality body supplies, and also they sales a lot that is one of the reason that I love them :D
There are no official stores of this brand in when I go to USA, I always buy as many as I can:)
If you know the new information of their products, please letting me know them☆

This is the famous Lubriderm brand's moisturizing lotion.
Actually, I didn't know this brand's lotion before, one of my friends who works at spa in San Diego told me that this lotion consists of very good ingredients for our skin.You can see I already use half of them from this picture.I should buy the stocks of this soon.

Oh~ I want to get new collections...
I also love Japanese brand's too.

I like this products from KAO.

Ok, I have to go bed now...but maybe I will start playing with my NINTENDO DS in the bed until going to fall asleep...


love, Shihoco

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy weekend.

Hi,This is Shihoco.
How was your weekend? For me, I had so lazy weekend.
I just slept a lot. As a reason of it, I really didn't have extra money to hang around for this weekend:( Two more days for next pay
I spent a lot this summer holidays.

Well, I'm going to undate the pics of last week.

Me and one of my best friends since we were high school students(OMG! more than 10 years past since we met each other...)went to drink last year.
We always love the combination of drinking Izakaya and then going to Karaoke~~
We just drink a lot all the time and we love food of Izakaya, called "Izakaya Meshi"

What we had this time...

Called "Kiseki no Tebasaki"
Kiseki means Miracle, Tebasaki means grilled Chicken wings. So tasty like a This is kind of Japanese BBQ with special Teriyaki sauce on can see the black pepper on the surface in this pics.I love this. I always order when I go to this Izakaya.

This is also one of my favorite dishes. Many Izakaya have this too.
called "Potato Mochi" You know "Mochi", It is rice cakes.
This food isn't real rice cakes, It's mainly made by Potato paste. but the texture is like rice cakes! It is deep fried and melted cheese is inside. Yummy yummy~~~

After drinking at Izakaya, we never forgot to going to Karaoke this time too:)

Had some glasses of Beer again lol
Have you ever been to Japanese style Karaoke??
When I lived in San Diego, I went to Karaoke sometime in Japanese(Korean) town.
Even we couldn't sing the latest songs, we still had so much fun. Why Japanese people loves Karaoke so much?? lol:-()

BTW,I put fake hair extension on my hair about two weeks ago.
It's getting messy already...(:-(
I thought that it lasted for at least two months(and the people at hair salon said that too)but It looks impossible...Maybe I will have to take them off in two weeks.
Anyway My hair style of last Friday.

I'm looking for the air ticket for going to Macau on the web.
I'm planning to go Casino at Macau next month, but there are no ticket available already:( I will send a few more mails to travel agency before going to bed.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First updating by my cell phone...

Hi,This is Shihoco.

I'm trying to write the blog from my cell phone this time.

I still don't get used to write in English by my cell so it takes long time...

Anyway...I'm back to work from today and it was a kind of long day...even just sitting on the desk makes me tired and bored, that means the summer holiday of this year was too much fun for me:)

Oh~~~It's 3:30 AM already...I have to go bed now for tomorrow.

Have a good night☆


Sunday, August 16, 2009

What did I get today??--New T...

This is Shihoco^^
I'm really enjoy this week. Summer holiday~~~yeah!!!
However,,,,unfortunately...I have to go back to work from way...

So what did I do on last my holiday???

I went small shopping in the afternoon.

I checked one of the my favorite shop.
called "Vault"
They have "Bloody Mary" accessories(I love this bland:D)
-Bloody Mary...It's not a kind of the cocktail name. lol
I hope you will like them too.

Well, I supposed to just look for the new items for the next time...but I bought new cloth.

I usually don't buy T-shirts, but I really love this one!
Beautiful butterfly's design.
It was about 8,000yen.
It wasn't cheap as T-shirts, but I could see good quality of the material.

Look at this funny pic!

Deep fried Shrimp in the paper cup! lol

I went to Kashiwazaki beach in Niigata Prefecture a few days ago, and I was on the way to take the High way to go back to Nagano(My city)
There are a few fresh fish markets on the side of street, I was trying to find fresh fish to my family as souvenir. Then I found this!!
It was great taste! The shrimps are so fresh. Yummy~~^^

Ok, I have to go bed now...
I just can't believe that I should go work tomorrow morning...

Love, Shihoco

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Holiday Nail

This is Shihoco.
I went out last night with one of my best friends...
We went an Izakaya and we drank Japanese Sake!!

It's called Hakkaisan

Have you ever had Japanese Sake???

I changed my nails last weekend.

Holiday nail:)
I'm really into Rock stylr fasion.

I used Pro's nail polish and the nail jewel sticker from Donki.
Easy to make it.
I changed my toe nails as well, but the picture of my foot is not
So I don't attach here...sorry...
I and my friend is going to go hot spring tonight.
I have to get ready to go now!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New dress!!

Hello~How are u??
This is Shihoco.

Today, I got new onepiece dress!
I shopped at "Koakuma Ageha" web shop.

Recently, I really like sweet Rock style.
I've been looking for that kind of clothes and accessories...
I don't wanna too much rock fasion, not to forget sweet and cute styles.

Then I found this,,,

I like the studs of chest, and the swelling of skirt.
Do you like it too???:)

And, this cute tie comes with,,,

Same studs with on the chest one.

I can't wait to wear this....
Maybe I wear black sandals(from ESPERANZA ) with this.

Now I have to find nice rock style accessaries...

If you have something recommend, please tell me ne^^


Have a good night.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

My weekend was....

Hi ~~

How is your weekend?

I went to Binzuru festival this weekend.

This festival is the biggest summer festival in Nagano, Japan.

There were many of food courts (called Yatai in Japanese) and more than ten thousand people participated in the Binzuru dance.

It has a Binzuru dance contest every year, but I haven't checked which group was No1!!

I wore Yukata...

Natsu-Matsuri means "Summer festival"

Actually, I wore same Yukata with last year...I didn't buy new one for this year...

I really like this black Yukata! Many people wear Blue or Purple color's Yukata usually, so I believe black Yukata is unusual and cute. lol

Have you ever worn Yukata???

And I went to small shopping today.

I got ...

Donki's fake eyelashes!!

This fake eyelashes is my favorite brand. You should try this:) and I use "Lash Grip" glue.

I got this glue in USA. You can find anywhere, I always buy at WalMart.

I also bought...

MakeupBase of Angel Color bland.

Angel Color is the famous in Japan as a color lenses bland.

You can check here.

I wear color lenses too, but I don't use this bland's one....

I do want to try this too!

and I found cute color nail polish.

I put black nail polish this weekend, but I have to change to natural color for work...

This pink is so cute. twinkle twinkle...

I will put this too.

or maybe to my toenails...I don't know.

As soon as I did it, I will update in this blog.

Time to go bed now....

Have a good week!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

How to decorate with "Hello Kitty Full Body Decoration Kid(Rose)

How to decorate with "Hello Kitty Full Body Decoration Kid(Rose)

1. Please be ready for material which you want to decorate.
(We use cellphone in this pictures)
※8cm×12cm size decoration sheet is included in this kit, you can cut and use any shapes you want.

All parts are in this clear cute case(see picture), after using parts, you can also use this case whatever you want!!

2. Cut the sheet according to shape of items which you want to decorate.
In the sheet, there are 1mm of mass scale, so you can measure the size and cut easily.
Then, pull off the clear films from the sheet and stick on the items which you want to decorate.

3. Remove the film that another side of sheet(mass scales on it), and place the parts on it. Let's decorate in your favorite design!!
Be carefull to put your fingerprint to the sheet!

4. Finish!
Do you like your original decoration item?? This is the only one in the world!!

5. Please save the clear case for keeping the parts which are left over, or use it for whatever you want.