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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Hello! It's Shihoco writing.
How is your Christmas day?? I'm sure that you have great time with someone who u really love. For me, I don't do anything special...It's better to buy a couple of small cakes for my family. Tell the truth, most of Japanese people grasp how to spend Christmas day totally different way with western countries people.
For Japanese(espcially young people), Christmas day is a one of the big event for spending time or exchanging some gifts with their lovers, not with their family.(Of cause not everyone, some people does.) However, people have small kids usually have some parties with family. Honesty, I feel that is little silly thing that many young Japanese people are attached to spending time with their lovers on Christmas day and It seems so lonely if they don't have any plans for dating.
Anyway, I still hope that everyone who read my blog have great Christmas day with anyone who you want to be with.
Happy Holiday☆

I wanna show you this PV.
Her name is Beckii Cruel from England.
She is getting be an idol from a website. She professes a big fan of Japan.
We love her too( ̄m ̄〃)so cute.

means Boy,girl-boy-boy-girl-girl-boy-girl-boy-girl!!
She designed the movement by herself to this Japanese comical song, and uploaded the video with her dancing, then some Japanese men found her on the web and she is becoming a popular girl. Lucky girl.
Her catchphrase is "She is too much to being pretty." actually, some Japanese man commented like this to her video. I

I'm simply happy that I heard anyone who from the other countries loves Japan or Japanese culture.

Well. I'm sick since last night,,,I hope I'm not infected influenza.

Another PLadge's owner Atsuko started Poupeegirl. Find her and check her cute styles.

Take care,
Love Shihoco.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Cooking?!

Happy holiday~~(●^o^●)

I hope you will have nice and sweet time with your family or friends on Christmas day.
I made a few sweets for Christmas!!



Just kidding!!
I cannot eat them...Those are fake sweets!!
Which one do u like the best?
I like Wafer with whipped cream...That's the most looking real.If you wanna try to make like those fake sweets, check this kit, called Decotti.

You can make more real one with this kit!!

Did you go Christmas shopping already??
I really miss San Diego in this season.

By the way, another PLadge's owner Atsuko started Poupeegirl.
Find her and check her cute styles.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Items for daily use.

Hi(^-^)Shihoco desu,yo...
Time has passed so quick. Weekend comes again!! Wow!
Many people in Japan go drinking in this season for forgetting bad things which was happened in this year  and also appreciating to their friends, or co-workers for keeping good relationships in next year as same as they are in this year.
For me,,,sadly, It seems that  I caught a cold, so I stay at home for relaxing and curing.

Well, I got a few items in this week. Cosmetics, bags...and I wanna show you my best recommendation skin care items.

I have been looking for the small bag for bringing my lunch box (Obento(*^_^*)) to work, then I found this!!
 Cute light-green(blue?!) and lining is sweet pink with lil shiny.
 It is only 1000yen!!(about $10 US Dollar)

 also, I always carry many stuffs when I go to work, I don't know why, I'm a person who need big bag to go so I needed one more bag as for extra.(+o+) then I bought this!!

Bright pink!! This color makes me happy and gives energy!lol
I really love this material Moko-Moko(Fluffy^^)
This is also nice price! just 1,900yen (less than $20 US Dollar.)

Nice combination?!

Finally I found this! I was looking for this cosmetic.
I introduced MEZAIK on my eye-make tutorial a few weeks ago. It works good for making bigger eye(actually, makes false double eyelid line) but for more great result, I need to use special glue for applying on eyelid before using MEZAIK. This is called MEZAIK FITER.
I haven't tried yet...maybe I will use this tomorrow. can't wait(^-^)

I went to Donki last Saturday midnight, and I got those two skincare items!

I extremely recommend Bihada Ichizoku brand cosmetics.(Second pic.) Since I started using this cream, my skin is changing a lot, smooth and soft.
Hadarabo skin toner is very popular in Japan now especially among young people even for guys! and I like it too. I will keep using those two combination.

More pics!
I found at Sanrio store!!How cute are they.
I love Cinnamoroll.

I'm going to make Christmas card with this stickers.

Oh! I got a package from Yumetenbo.(Please read my last entry.)
But I didn't try soon as I wear them, I will take pics and update.

Thank you for reading my blog this time too!!

t01730153_0173015310151327089.gif image by emmie-graphicsimg_529575_3033445_35.gif image by emmie-graphics


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shopping At Yumetenbo

Hello. Shihoco desuyo!
Happy weekend~~^^
How do you spend Friday night? for me, I usually go drinking or having dinner with my friends, but tonight, I stay my home and taking a rest with writing my new entry of this blog, and watching DVD etc. I like to have relaxing weekend at my room by alone as much as I have party somewhere.
Recently, I'm really into American Drama programs. My best recommend drama is "BONES" I'm on season 2 yet so I still have many stories left to watch hereafter.LoL

 I also watch "LOST"too at the same time, but I'm still on the first season of them. I need to speed up to watch them!

Let me show you what I shopped yesterday at online.
I bought a pair of boots and cute one-piece dress at Yumetenbo.(夢展望)

This boots have 3 ways to wear. I prefer over knee without ribbon style.
I got black one^^
How would you like if you get them??

One-piece dress. Like a cat!
I ordered grey one.
The big ribbon on the back is so cute! and a pair of  little cat's ears on the hood as well!!
I think pink one with white ribbon is the cutest! but this one is too sweet and young for me...(T_T)

One more image of outerwear.
I was thinking to order white one also, but I need to save myself  for spending a lot  for clothes in this winter...and actually I already have white coat from Forever21.
However, I will think about buying this or not a few more days, and If I still wanna this....I will...LOL

I cannot wait to arrive my ordering items!!

img_372377_2347566_1220081107182438.gif image by emmie-graphics
Love, Shihoco.
img_247663_16552201_18.gif image by emmie-graphics

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Eye-Make Tutorial !! Making bigger and bigger!

Hi, I'm sorry for I haven't updated my blog recently.
Actually I wanted to write about my make-up tutorial in my blog, but I didn't.
Finally I'm ready to show you now, This is my first trying of Make-up tutorial.
Let's start now!!^^

Eye-Make Tutorial vol.1

1.My left eye with no make only wearing color lenses by Candy Magic. (King brown)

2.Use MEZAIK to make fake double eyelid for looks bigger eye.


3.Apply light pearl white eye-shadow by NYX the ultimate Pearl Shadow to under the blow. Then apply brown eye-shadow by Fasio eye color BR-2.(look step 4)

4.Apply brown eye-shadow by Fasio eye color BR-2, following numbers to each places of eyelid.

Apply1 to all of eyelid except the range of applying light pearl white eye-shadow at step3.
Apply2 to whole range from the head of the eye to the corner of eye.(over the line of double eyelid.)
Apply3 only the range from the top of the eyeball to the corner of eye. make more darker to the corner.
Apply4 on the line of double eyelid. It makes the line more deeper.


5.Drawing eye line with two kinds of eyeliner. Use liquid pencil by Koji Long Lasting Eyeliner first for draft of the line then drawing the main line with using Bobbi Brown gel liner.

6.Glue on false upper eyelashes by Diamond Lash.


7.Drawing bottom eye line using same two liners. Draw the line on membrane too from the head of eye to the middle and draw over line from the middle to the corner like the image.

8.Glue on lower false eye lashes along the line on step7. Don't forget to apply same eye-shadow number 2 and 3 on step4 to the corner of bottom eyelid before glue false lashes.



9.Draw eye blow using INTEGRATE eye blow and nose shadow and SHISEIDO eye blow pencil(brown).

(sorry for messy pic!!)
I like thin and light eye blow.
10.Finish!! Do you like this make up?!


Thank you for reading my first tutorial.
How was it??
I will try to update other make up tutorials again soon!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The places where I went in last week.

Hi, Shihoco desu...
Time past so quick, I cannot believe it's already started November. I really don't remember what did I do on last
Well, I went to Tokyo Disney Sea last week, It was 1st of Nov, but there is still event and decorated of Halloween. I really enjoyed and love them.

Here is some pics of there.

Cute! inside of train to access to park from Maihama station.
Entrance. Decorated!

Me! Under the Lighthouse,that day was so windy, my hair was messed up!!

Big ship!! Do you see the pirates?!

I really love Disney resort...I miss the Disney Land in California.

How was your Halloween this year? I didn't wear any cosutumes.
When I was in USA, I had party every year on Halloween day, but in here Japan, we really don't do anything, (maybe some people dose,) I need to go back to US for having a party on that My friends in there sent some pics of party with wearing nice cosutumes, one of my friends wear GEISHA dress, Sexy GEISHA, she looks so cute.

Yesterday I took my grandma to KOMORO KAIKO PARK in Nagano.
this park has long history, and there is faomused as the place where we can see the beautiful colored leaves in Autumn season.
My grandma is first time to go there, for me maybe my parents took me when I was really small, so I didn't remember anything. I felt the first time to walk around in the park.

This is my favorite pic. Great view like a drawing.

Heart!!made by Chrysanthemum. Romantic.

Beautiful pond.

Look at those carps!!They are so stylish!lol

We took a rest and ate TOKOROTEN.

Do you know this food? TOKOROTEN is made by agar.Taste of Vinegar.
I love it!!

I did shopping too in last weekend. I got a few outer and boots.
I will update those pics at the next entry...

Now I need to go bed!!
Have a great night...

Love, Shihoco.