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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Hello Kitty Series is coming now! Girl's Rock Style!!

Hello!!Shihoco is writing!
Here in Nagano is very cold those days...
I did want to change my hair color to "Marshmallow Brown"color tonight, because my hair color is getting righter and righter, not cute at all anymore...but I couldn't because of my house's bathroom is crazy cold!! I cannot stay and wait there during I dye my
I know tomorrow night is same cold, maybe I just need the courage to do

By the way,,,
I would like to introduce bland-new very cute items of our shop tonight.
We call "Girl's Rock Style Kitty"
I'm going to attach a few pics of items! Please check them out!
We really recommend them to all you guys. Sooooooooo cute and cool!

Charm to your Cellphone.

Cellphone charm Overview.

Key Case.

Key Case Overview.

Inside of Key Case.

Key Charm.

Key Charm Overview.

Detail.(hook parts)

How was it??
I think this Kitty series is one of the most cute one ever.
We also have a big mirror of this kind Kitty.

If you interested in, please visit our store site and see the details.

Another PLadge's owner Atsuko started Poupeegirl. Find her and check her cute styles.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Soka-Mokka(草花木果)Trial Kit

Hello. Shihoco desuyon.
Today is Friday and weekend!!but I really don't feel like going out, I didn't recovery from the flu yet.However, I'm drinking a cocktail at my

This is brand-new limited cocktail which is sold by Asahi.
I usually don't drink sweet cocktails but I like this so much!! I like rum too.
Sorry, I don't make up today,,,that's why I hide my face by the

By the way, a few days ago, I ordered Soka-mokka cosmetics trial kit set on the web.
Soka-mokka is one of the famous Japanese cosmetics company which really care about natural ingredient, their cosmetics are all additive free.
↓↓↓↓↓soka-mokka official web site↓↓↓↓↓(Sorry, maybe Japanese only!)
I bought a basic cosmetics trial set for making inconspicuous my skin's pores.
The package!

Face wash(left), Skin toner(middle), mask gel(right).

 Face wash.                                                                
Skin toner.

Gel as for face mask.                        
Original cotton.
Also, there are free small gifts for another products trial kits and catalog.

Those kit is only for 1,200yen.(about $12) including everything in this picture. Good deal.
I haven't used all kinds of them yet, I just used gel mask last night, smell is like a citron. Covering my face with this gel, left  3 to 5 minutes, them took off with facial tissue. Very easy steps for using, but so effective, my skin became smooth when I woke up this morning!
I recommend this trial kit, maybe I will order some of them after finish using this trial kit.
img_288122_1059535_62.gif picture by emmie-graphicsEnjoy make up!!

Sorry for little old pic...

Today's music GLORIA by YUI (Brand-new single)

Monday, January 11, 2010

I really NeeD to recover from this ×××!?

フユラブ by Juliet

Hi, Shihoco dayo.
How was your weekend??In Japan, 11th Jan. is the national holiday called "Seijin-no-hi" which celebrate for the people who becoming 20 years old in this year. People who turn to be 20 years old, they can legally drink alcohol and smoke cigarette under the Japanese law. And ceremonies are held in each cities, towns and villages around this weekend. Most of the women wear Kimono(As you know, Kimono is Japanese traditional costume.) for attending that ceremonies.

For me, I spent kind of cheerless weekend...(T_T)
I haven't recover from the flu.
One of my friend asked me to go the place where we can eat really good Ramen noodle for lunch but I couldn't go there.
Sorry for short entry this time.
Have a good week^^


Another PLadge's owner Atsuko started Poupeegirl. Find her and check her cute styles.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Happy New Year 2010

A happy New year!!
I'm going to write with drinking this I got from my mom.

This is hot red wine which is made at the winery where is in near my hometown.
Taste good...Have you ever tried drinking wine which is hot. I can buy this at convenience store.
Sorry...If I got drunk during writing this entry...!?
A happy new year 2010.
Thank you for following us in 2009, I'm so happy that many people read my blog.
Sometimes I feel frustrated for posting a blog in English, because English is not my first language, therefore I'm anxious lest my writing really expresses what I really want to say to the readers. 

For all that, I still have so much fun to release my ideas and things which I really like or think are cute or nice to the others who are in all over the world.
I feel like asking you each readers, what is your nationality? where are you from? how do you think about Japan? what is the best attraction of Japan that you think? well, asking about our country to the people from obroad is so interesting for me and I think others thinks same too.

Please leave your comments anytime in this blog.
I'm so happy if my blog is the place where we can do cultural exchange. That will be great.

I am going to update the pictures which I got today at Donki.
I went to there after getting off work for small shopping.

Cute a pair of comfortable socks when I'm relaxing at my room. I'm crazy about combination of Black and Pink colors.
Actually there are two pairs set.It is only 390yen. Good deal!

An incense from HEMP company. It is made in Thailand.
Recently, I always burn a incense when I stay in my room for relaxing...
I tried HEMP's brand incense many times before, but this fragrance is the first time to try.
called PLATINUM ANGEL.Nice and kinda strong chemical smell like perfume.
It is around 390yen. Same price with

And...yeah, I never miss to buy them, when I have chance to go to Donki!
Guess what?? Here is...

False eyelashes☆
I was looking for good ones for my lower eyelid. So, I bought three pairs of eyelashes for lower eyelid.
I always use lashes are crossed, but this time I got straight one. I'm not sure It will be fitted on my make-up.
I will update the picture as soon as I tried them.
Three pairs for about 690yen. 
And I really liked this one for upper eyelid.
I like this type of lashes which have random length.
I am looking forward to try it.

and some snacks.^^

I really like SNYDER'S pretzel. I used to buy this at the cafeteria of college when I was in San Diego, so It reminds me the break time during the
And, CRATZ is also pretzel with a little bit Japanese style. There are a few kinds of flavors, I like Mexican Salsa and Chicken is the best that is in this picture.

I'm going to go a dentist tomorrow afternoon, that is the only plan of this weekend for me. It's so sorrow and boring...(T_T)

Have a great weekend!