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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Eye Shadow

Hi,This is Shihoco.
I'm sorry that I haven't been updating my blog more than two weeks.
What have I been??? Sadly, I didn't do anything special,but I have been quite busy...sometimes Well, no more excuse...
I will keep my blog updating from now on again,so please read and give me your comments if you have extra time. I will try to answer or reply to all comments.
If you also have any questions about my entry, I am so happy to answer them.
As you know(I, I'm 100% Japanese and I live in Japan now.( I used to live in San Diego, California when I was student in there from 2001 to 2005.)so, If you are interested in Japanese culture, fasion, cosmetics, sightseeing places or any of Japanese cute stuffs, and something you really want to know or get new informations, you are very welcome to ask me about those things. Sometimes my English is not great and hard to understand for you...I'm sorry about that, but I will respond you with my best:)

BTW, finally I bought new KATE's eye shadow. I hope that you knew the KATE.
KATE is the cosmetics brand of Kanebo.
☆KATE's web site☆
KATE's products are very popular among Japanese girls and loved by my people.
I am also the person who always keeps some KATE's cosmetics in my porch.
KATE's products are not expencive at all, even the most expencive one is around 2,000YEN I think.(maybe the face powder compacts?? I'm not sure...)I recommended KATE's eye shadows. I have tried many kinds of brand's eyeshadows in my life, I also tried quite expencive brand's one too, but I could say that KATE's eyeshadow is the best!! I guarantee. I really want you to try them if you never have tried before.
Well, I bought this in this time.

I chose BR-1 color. I really like this brown color's and gulitter color,but this color(brown) is too smorky a little bit, they also have another brown parette(BR-2) that is more right than this(BR-1)maybe I will get that one too.
My eye shape is kinda thin,,,,like a cat eye's. Right brown eye shadow makes my eye looks bigger and gorgeous, so I've only used brown colors for a long time since I started make my face up.
What color of eye shadow is the best for you??

I wanna attach one more pic today.
Look this shiny neckless.

This is from "anchor blue". My best friend Kari in San Diego got for me and send it to here. She knows my taste well.
I can't wait to wear this:) Thank you Kari-chan☆

I'm going to bed now...
Have a good Friday!!