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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ohisashiburi. Hello Kitty's New Cosmetic back.


Please don't call me "lazy girl". I stopped updating my blog a few weeks. Even I didn't have a chance to visit your's blogs who left comments, I'm so sorry, but I read all of comments, and I go now after I finished update mine.

Did you see my new my blog's top page??
I used to use Sakurina's picture as my top pages's image, but now I got new one which is made with
my picture...I still don't get used to see that, feel little ashamed, but I do love it! Thank you Atsuko!
She made that for me last night. She always does great job.
Do you like my new top page?

I forgot to update my new cosmetic bag of Hello Kitty.
As soon as I found big face of Kitty at the store, I decided to bring her to my house.
Also there was only last one left.


Cute red and white dots with Hello Kitty logo.

I put base make-up cosmetics and a few packs of false eyelashes.

However this pouch is a little too big for bringing around, so I usually leave my room, I only bring it out when I stay somewhere else.

Two songs of MiChi.
I'm really into her sound recently....
I hope you'll like her songs too.


KiSS KiSS / MiChi

You gotta be / MiChi version.

Love you all.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Special Gifts from Conny-chan and Kathy-san.

I was bad that I have stopped to update my blog again.
How have you been friends?!

Here in Nagano is too hot recently, I really wanna go to the beach, it doesn't matter that I cannot Are u good at swimming??
When I was living in California, I went to beach a lot. I miss one place where called "Dog beach", there were many dogs were talked a walk all the time, I always hoped to take my dog to there, but she was in Japan so I couldn't.

I got some great gifts from my friends from blogger, I'm so sorry that I haven't had a chance to update my blog until now.

I really love all the things and I asked to my friend Atsuko who designed this blog to take those items pictures, she is good photographer she always takes nice and beautiful photos. I always take the photos in this blog myself with stupid camera on my cell phone, but this time I really want to update those item's pictures in here with beautiful picture which was taken by her to thanks my friends.

I received an early Christmas gift from Conny.

I do think that Conny knew that I'm body care goods freak.
I love to try other countries body care things, cause there are many kinds of smells that I cannot get in Japan, this one is too, I've never seen this passion fruits body wash in here.
I've been waiting for using this until it was taken in the picture.

Cute two colors of nail polishes and strawberry lip gross.
I've been looking for bright color nail polishes, so I was so happy to have them.
I'll wear vivid pink one for pedicure and salmon pink one for manicure.
I've already tried the strawberry lip gross, taste was so good! just but smells like real
strawberry, and makes my lips really shiny.

HARIBO's candies!
She remembered that I wrote about HARIBO's gummy before in my blog, said I love them, thank you! I shared with Atsuko, and we were excited that the textures of face shapes one.
Outside of face was hard gummy candy and the middle was soft candy which was like yogurt flavor. We never find in Japan, I still keep bear's gummy, I'm sure that once I opened that package I cannot stop eating until it'll be empty.

Thank you so much Conny! Please visit her blog, and say hi to her!!

One more great gifts from Kathy!
Look at those pictures.

Cute putit cup cakes!! but unfortunately, I cannot eat them...

Those are all rip grosses from NYX.
She got them for me, because she knew that those are expensive if I buy them in Japan, also
I cannot find many NYX cosmetics in my city.
I don't want to pick just one from those so I'll carry around a few kinds and use anything I want with my mood.

Thank you always Kathy! Here is Kathy's blog. There are many kinds of cosmetics reviews which are written by her, I'm sure that it'll help you a lot!

How nice that we can share cute and nice things from different countries...
I'm always curious what the things from Japan makes people from other countries happy the most...

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day and night.

I'll visit your blog soon too.

Bye for now...