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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ohisashiburi. Hello Kitty's New Cosmetic back.


Please don't call me "lazy girl". I stopped updating my blog a few weeks. Even I didn't have a chance to visit your's blogs who left comments, I'm so sorry, but I read all of comments, and I go now after I finished update mine.

Did you see my new my blog's top page??
I used to use Sakurina's picture as my top pages's image, but now I got new one which is made with
my picture...I still don't get used to see that, feel little ashamed, but I do love it! Thank you Atsuko!
She made that for me last night. She always does great job.
Do you like my new top page?

I forgot to update my new cosmetic bag of Hello Kitty.
As soon as I found big face of Kitty at the store, I decided to bring her to my house.
Also there was only last one left.


Cute red and white dots with Hello Kitty logo.

I put base make-up cosmetics and a few packs of false eyelashes.

However this pouch is a little too big for bringing around, so I usually leave my room, I only bring it out when I stay somewhere else.

Two songs of MiChi.
I'm really into her sound recently....
I hope you'll like her songs too.


KiSS KiSS / MiChi

You gotta be / MiChi version.

Love you all.


  1. Hello (:
    I really love your new banner. It's very cute~
    I totally understand how you feel. I feel a little embarrassed too so i edited it that it doesn't show my face (referring to my blog's banner). Haha. Oh and i love your hello kitty cosmetic bag♥

  2. Ohisashiburi Shihoco san!

    I'm sure that it must be the heat that is making you lazy. I know that I don't feel like doing anything when it is hot.

    I love your new banner. It is so beautiful and so are you. Yes, thank you Atsuko san for making the beautiful banner.

    The Hello Kitty cosmetic bag is so cute. I really like it. You're very lucky to have been able to purchase the last one.


  3. Shihoco-chan! You look super kawaii in your new banner, I looove it! =D

    Yay for snagging the last Hello Kitty cosme pouch! Are those Diamond Lashes? I've been wanting some ever since I saw them in some Japanese magazines (Popteen and Ageha if I'm not mistaken).

    Ahhh, you are getting some items from Canmake as well? Do share after you have gotten them! =D

  4. hey my dear. i love your new layout and you are sooooooooooo pretty. i'm glad that you use a pic of you and net of a model.

    i miss your e-mails but i know that you don't have much time.

    your new cosmetic bag is so lovely. i like kitty-chan stuff! only 36 days and i fly to japan.