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Friday, February 26, 2010



What am i doing now...?
I'm trying to make Madeleine!

This is the first challenge to make that for me.(*´∇`)

I'll be here again with yummy Madelaine picture. I hope I can..(^.^)b


Wednesday, February 24, 2010



I'm going to do facial pack now...
I bought a lot of kinds facial pack sheets and cream when I went to Macau, I shopped at a cosmetic store.
I have only two more left and why I kept this one to the last without using...?
Because...I cannot understand the directions in it.(T_T)
I still can read and understand some Chinese characters, so maybe I can guess how to use it.
Please someone helps me who can read Korean or Chinese!!lol

Have a good night!


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

KERASTASE Hair Treatment Oil

Good evening.
I went to see the dentist this morning, because a crown was broken last night when I ate dinner...
My mouth still swells now.(T_T)

However, now I feel so fine, because I got new hair treatment oil.
I ordered a few days ago on the web, and it came today.

Many of models introduce this product on their blog.
This works very well to hair extension.
I lost no time in using this after I took the shower as soon as I got home from
My hair recovered shiny and smooth.
I really recommend this!!
You can check the web site if you want. from Here.

I'm going to watch DVD tonight too.
Bye, Shihoco

This picture, I was trying to update the other day from my cell 
but, I cannot attach the picture between the article when I write from the cell.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I cannot start make-up without this!~MEZAIK~

Happy Sunday!
How are you doing?
I was just relaxing and watching some DVDs all day. I really love to spend my day off with watching DVD and taking a nap. That's is my happy

Today, I wanna show you one of my favorite cosmetics. I mean, I cannot start any make-up without this these days...

My eye is kinda small and have no double eyelid.
Among the Japanese girls, Double eyelid is the kinda most important element for make-up for showing our eyes bigger.
Maybe people from other countries, It's ridiculous, but It's very important for me too!

Unfortunately, my natural eyes don't have double eyelid, so I need to have them before I start eye What do I do??

Use this!!
MEZAIK is made from very thin fiber.(left side of pic.)
Stretch the fiber really tight and put on the eyelid where I want to make fake line for figuring double eyelid.
then I can make fake double eyelid like this.

describe the trick.

MEZAIK has two kinds of product, and one is fiber type and the other is liquid glue type.
If we use fiber type, we still can do eye make-up after putting on MEZAIK and looks natural, but using glue type, It's not look natural and beautiful with make-up. I mean, the glue repels eye shadow ans eye liner. So I always use glue one to form a habit of fake eyelid line during I'm sleeping. I always put it on before I go bed.^^
Well...that's my way, It will be different using ways depends on each users.

Don't you think it's very natural??
I cannot live without Just kidding... :D

I'm going to take a bath now and the after that, have some Shocu drink with watching DVD again...
This is my

Have a good nite☆


Friday, February 19, 2010

I always have this before go drink then I won't have a hang over tomorrow morning.(^.^)b

Called UKON drinks.
Is UKON same with turmeric??
I was wondering when I used turmeric for making OX tail soup the other day.(´∀`)

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What's this?!

What's this!?
Cute Cinnamoroll mini case...
what's inside??


This is always put in my cosmetics bag away.

The answer is....(^O^)

Please read my older post.


The answer is...

Cute house for false
I always keep them in this Cinnamo's case(≧▼≦)
I usually use one false eyelash as many as i can, until the false lashes are messed or the hairs are came off.
So I need a house for●´mn`)
Where do u keep your used false eyelashes???
im taking the bath right now. im writing this in the 

New Louis Vuitton Collection and a wallet

Hi, Shihoco dayo.

Tonight, I wanna talk about bland new Louis Vuitton collection.
I'm not crazy about high quality goods(brand), but sometimes I feel like getting those nice and stylish bags.
I love big tote like this.(*^_^*)
It's about 150,000yen(JPY).

Nice charm too!!

Let me show you a wallet too from Louis Vuitton.

Alexandra Wallet from Damier Azur Canvas.
This is not bland new line, but still nice and popular in Japan.
Unfortunately, this is not mine.(;一_一)

People in Japan always love Louis Vuitton・・・and I agree too.

Do you like Louis Vuitton collection??=^_^=

Today's music.

The first time I heard this song on the radio when I was driving a car in rainy day.
I was really impressed, then I went straight on the store for getting their CD.
I still feel really nostalgic all the time I listened and love this song.


Monday, February 8, 2010

New Hair Color

Happy Monday☆
Today was long day...Nothing was happened specially except I had bad headache all day.(T_T)
I hope It is getting well at tomorrow morning.

Well, I bought new thing for dye my hair yesterday.

LUCID-L by Mondom.
I haven't tried this hair color series before, but I always checked this cute packages all the time when I go and look for hair color stuffs at drug store.

This color called "Raspberry Rose"

It's like pink and brown.
Now my hair color is right brown and little bit smoky, I got tired of this color.
I'm looking forward to change to new color!

I want to upload my pic after I dyed.(*^_^*)

My natural hair color is very black, but I almost forgot how I look like when I have black

I'm going to bed now...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Today is dayoff(≧▼≦)
I just got up...too much sleeping.

I'm going to watch some DVD's.

See ya.(●´∀`●)/


Friday, February 5, 2010

Amo la tienda de 100 yenes.

I knew that I need to go bed now, but I'm writing blog.(*^_^*)
It's ok, cause tomorrow will be weekend. I'll have two day off after I go work tomorrow.
Today, I went to one of my favorite 100 shop!!
Have you ever been to there?

Well, let me show you what I got today at there...

Cute cosmetic bag. It's not that small. I will keep liquid foundation and base make cosmetics.

Purple glitter mini facial tissue case.

Puff and black eye liner pencil.
This brand's eyeliner is soooooooooo good.
I still cannot believe that I can get high quality liner pencil only with 100yen.

Some cooking(baking) materials.
I should make some cakes and muffins using them.(^-^)

And, I bought a binder for works.(Sorry, I didn't take the pic)

Do you believe all the things are all 100yen??(about one US dollar.)
Maybe I'll go again soon.(#^.^#)

I wrote today's entry's title in Spanish.
Is that correct?? I'm not
I took Spanish class when I was in college.
I just learned really beginning...sadly I almost forgot...

¡ buena noche!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sweetest First Aid

Funny sweets.(●´mn`)
I found this at Denny's restaurant in here.

What is your plans for Valentine's day??
Are you going to buy a gift for your lover?

I'll make some chocolate cakes.(≧▼≦)

Does anyone want to eat?!



Now, i'm updating from my cellphone again...Actually i tried before sometime in the summer.(*´∇`)

i changed the settings of my cell's camera.
The pic is must be cleared than before...(。・ω・。)


New pouch for make-up items.

Good evening, Shihoco dayo.
I haven't updated this blog... so lazy girl.
Well, let me make excuse. I was sick sometime end of Jan, and little busy. (T_T)
So I didn't have energy to boot my PC after I got back home. In the future, I will try to write my blog from my cellphone. It will be kinda short entry, but still much better than not updating.
I will take any kind of pictures more than now and I wanna show you what I'm doing at the real time.

BTW, I got new pouch to keep my make-up items and cosmetics.
Where did I get this??
Yeah, my favorite

Cute black lace and Minnie Mouse!!


I like the pouch which has brush pockets.
Do u like it too??

I got new false eyelashes too! (again...)
I will show you them later.
Have a good night!!

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