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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

World Cup 2010. Japan×Paraguay



Are u watching world soccer game now?

I'm just typing this sitting  in front of TV.

OK, I'm going back to watch the game now.

Go Japan!!!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

New B.B creams.

img_288122_1059535_66.gif image by emmie-graphicsHeLLo☆

How is your weekend??

I slept very well on this weekend. I thought I need a rest because I had very busy  days for work in last two weeks, so I decided I'll be very lazy on this

Today, I wanna show you new two kinds of new B.B creams which are special gift from my friend Kathy. I tried both of them and I wanna introduce you how those B.B creams works on my skin.

She sent to me this two nice B.B creams for me.

☆Magic Cream.☆

☆Peach Sake B.B cream.☆
The Peach one is very good smell and both of packages are so Cute!!

OK, Let's try on my skin.
Here is my SUPPIN.(without no make-up.)lol

You can see many freckle.(T_T)

I tried Magic Cream first.

Because of the lighting of picture, my skin looks little darker than first, but some of freckle are
disappeared and my skin looks matte than before.
This cream also grows very well, easy to spread on my skin.

Then, I tried Peach Sake Cream over the first one.

Look at this great result!
Most of the freckle are disappeared and my skin looks more light and matte.
I didn't put powder on it yet in this picture, but almost enough clear.
As I told you first, this cream smells very nice( sweet peach smell.) so it makes my make-up time fun and comfortable.

I tried one more thing,

I mixed Peach Sake cream and my B.B cream which I use daily.(Sorry for smaller picture.)
I really like this result too. Getting more natural color for my skin.

Honesty, I usually don't buy and try many kinds of base cosmetics, I always use same creams and powder, so my base make-up is always same and never improved. However Kathy gave me great chance to try new make-up and now I also want to put more emphasis on base make-up in the future.

Thank you Kathy!!84909_vkEnTr.gif image by emmie-graphics

She also sent me my favorite candies.Hi-Chew from Hawaii.
I've never seen those flavors in Japan before...Banana and Mango!!

Today, I bought a top after a long time.

I was looking for this shirt for this summer, so I was so exited when I found this with very good
deal. It was only 1,900yen.
I will wear this with denim short skirt. However this shirt's material is so thin and seen through, so I should have inner when I wear it.
The biggest problem is I have no large mirror in my house...It's very difficult to take good pictures of my coordinates without it. that's why I cannot update my style. I should think about that.((+_+))

Now I'm getting be ready to go bed.
Maybe I'll play NINTENDO DSi in my bed before falling asleep.

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day.☆
I'm always happy to read your comments and questions and I also love to visit your blog too.
img_288122_1059535_42.gif image by emmie-graphics

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Super 100yen Cosmetic.

How are you doing??I know I haven't updated my blog more than a week. I feel so guilty about that.
I'm sorry to all of the sweet readers of my blog.
Please let me I've been so busy since last week until yesterday for works, My boss was on the business trip and I had to work more than usual in stead of him, he just forced his complicated tasks on me, and I had no idea how I handle them, I stayed the office very late and It made me really tired.
Well, I should stop the complaints about works in my happy blog.

Today, I wanna show you the super smart cosmetic which we can get with only 100yen!!(about $1)  
I found at 100yen shop. 100yen shop is just like $99 shop in US.

Blue Eye shadow.

4 colors with in one palette.
・White with tiny pearl.(upper left.)
・Emerald green with glitter.(Upper right.)
・Blue with glitter.(lower left.)
・Sky blue with glitter.(lower right.)

Open the palette.

Comes with tip too.(Unfortunately It's not good quality...)

Look the great color appearance on skin.

Which color do you want to try??

I tried on my eye.

☆How did I this make up?☆
1.Spread the white with tiny pearl.(upper left.) color on the bone of under the eye blow.
2.Put sky blue with glitter.(lower right.) color widely under white(Step.1), and mixed with emerald   green with glitter.(Upper right.)
3.Put the blue with glitter.(lower left.) only lower corner of eye.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make beautiful gradation at step 2.

Well, I did this make up very quick before I go out, so false eyelashes are kinda messy...Sorry.
I just want you to concentrate the color works of this eyeshadow.
I can't believe that I can get this great eyeshadow only 100yen.
I usually don't buy any eye shadows except brown color by myself, so It was good chance to try for other types of make up.
Plus, there were no skin troubles with this cosmetic for me so far,(as you know, sometimes cheap cosmetics are cause of skin troubles.) But I still want you to be very careful to use cheap cosmetics when the day you think that you don't have good condition of skin.

Next time I found great cosmetics on 100yen shop, I'll introduce again.

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day.


Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm a housewife today.

Good Evening.
Here in Japan is just past PM10:00 on 6th.
How was your day??
For me, I was just like a housewife
I woke up kinda late, then I started to do laundry, cleaning, changing the clothes for season on my chests. And I realized, I didn't buy any clothes since winter, I have no good clothes to wear from now on.(T_T) I don't think I spent a lot money recently, but I have no money to spare for buying new sadly...Muuu,,,I want to go shopping to buy new clothes!

I did cooking today for dinner.

☆Chicken wings and Japanese white radish with vinegar and soy souse taste.☆

This dish is very easy to make.
If I use a pressure cooker, can make more short time.
Chicken wings are very soft, melted in my mouse.(*^_^*)

After I've done to cook, I drove to the a store near my house where I always buy some fancy goods. I found this photo album.

MY MELODY's photo album.
I'll keep my PuriCla(Picture stickers as you know.) in this album.
When I was high school student, I had a lot of PuriCla collection and I always attached to the albums and I showed my friends and exchanged stickers with them, but since I became older, I just took PriCla sometime and putted them away somewhere in my room. So I just feel like organizing them again before I lost. All PriCla are one of my memories with my friends.
Tell the truth, I wanted to get other album more than this, It was so cool, but too expensive for me just for a photo album,,,more 1600yen, so I decided to buy this.Still cute, isn't it??
And I got a small pack of HARIBO Gummy.

Happy-Cola. Yummy. I cannot stop eating.

Today's music.
2 songs of Utada.

Come Back To Me.

Easy Breezy.

Thank you for accessing and reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day☆

Love ya all.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st!! and New Hair Style

Today is the first day of new month, time flies so quick.
I didn't update pics of my new hair style yet. I went to hair salon about 2 weeks ago.
I was trying to put hair extension again and have long hair, but once I looked Momoeri(Eri Momoka)'s
new hair style on her blog, I decided to have short hair like her.(Well, she already changed her hair style and has long hair



Another angle of front☆

I also asked to hair stylist to reduce the volume of whole my hair, I lost just a lot, there was a big carpet of my fallen hair on the floor.LOL
Now I have really easy shampoo time, and dry my hair off as well.(*^_^*)
I wanna keep this length until I'll be satiated with short hair.

I bought a few cosmetics last week, so I'll write about them in a few days.
I'm so sleepy tonight,,,I cannot keep writing blog.((+_+))Good night☆

Thank you for accessing to my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day.
and I always happy to receive your comments or messages anytime you want.