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Friday, July 16, 2010

Shopping for some stuffs including new dresses for summer.

Hi, friends.☆

I just came back home about a few hours ago, I met with my friend at Starbucks after the English lesson. The main purpose that I met her was she was trying to give me an invitation of her wedding party of Sep. I'm really looking forward to attend her wedding party.
I also know her future husband, and he is really nice person. I'm sure that the party will be so wonderful.

Now I'm eating a small salad with pasta from 7-11 for late dinner and drinking beer in front of PC.

Actually, there are many things that I do want to update my blog about my recent event...
Well, I don't like to rush, so I just update step by step with pictures.

I went to shopping at last Sunday.
I stopped by a bookstore after a long interval and I got this magazine.

MEN'S KNUCKLE vol.8 2010
I love to check the guy's fashion and hair styles in trend so much.
I also love the guys who are good looking with black clothes.XD Does anybody agree that?!lol

Then I moved to the department store in my city.
There were held big summer SALE.
I bought a few dresses.
I'll just keep attaching those pictures...

I shopped at GHOST OF HARLEM
I got a tank top with studs and a vest with designed back style.

I can wear those together.
It was just about 6,000yen with both of them.

This is the first try to wear this brand for me.
I don't know why I always attract black

Then I moved to other store and I found useful white top.
Back style.
Please don't worry about the ruck...I'm the laziest girl in the world...(T_T)

Back style again.
I'll wear this under the maxi dresses which I'm really into in this summer.
This is less than 1,000yen!!

I also found my favorite dress with great deal!!


This is totally my taste!!
I cannot believe that I got this only 980yen.

I also bought a few small fashion items too.

Shrinking belt. 500yen.

Hair accessory (shu-shu). Less than 300yen.

I also got a pair of standard black pumps for work. Less than 1,000yen.

I wanna attach one more picture of top which I got at USED clothes store the other day.

It was 580yen. I already wore this top with jean short skirt.
I really don't care for used clothes as long as I wash them again by myself.

Total prices except the last top was around the 10,000yen.
So that I cannot ignore any stored wherever on sale!

Do you like to shop the clothes at a sale??

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great weekend.

Oh, I got a brand new CD of Ayumi Hamasaki a little while ago.

Here are short movies of TV commercial which are used her's new songs as BGM.

Song: blossom.

Song: MOON.

Love ya all.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just can't stop eating TofFeE PeaNutS.

I've lost the time to update my blog again.
I don't know why I'm not this bad organized my time.

I apologize about I haven't updated my new hair color since I attached the picture which was taken during I was dying my hair. I have another angle's picture at that

Ice cream again!!

I use this color kit for this time.

My favorite one."Prettia" from Kao.
I found new TV commercial on Youtube.

I tried new color, called "Platinum Beige."

And the result.

You can see the high light too. Yeah, I dyed with Milk Tea color too after I had done with Platinum Beige, because the first result was too dark than I wanted, so I did that for making my hair looks lighter. It wasn't the perfect result but I still like this.

I'm writing this entry with snacking Butter Toffee Peanuts. My friend Kathy sent me from Hawaii.
This is so yummy!I just can't stop my fingers are bringing them to my mouth.
Oh, I have to stop eating now.(here is 1 o'clock in the mid night...)and I'll save for tomorrow.
Thank you Kathy-san.^^

I still have many things that I want to write this blog.
Please waiting for my next updating.
I'll also visit your blog soon.

Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all you have a great day and night.☆

←Did you see my face?? I made

Bye for now.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

ReaL 0701


I'm dying my hair now.

It's like soft cream isn't it??(*´∀`*)

I'll update the result in a few days when I have time.