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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grocery Shopping.

Hi, Shihoco dayo.
In this morning, traffic were messed up cause of unexpected snow of last night. I was late for work.((+_+)) but my boss didn't say anything, maybe I was lucky.

I stopped at supermarket on the way to go home from work tonight, and I did really small shop for groceries.

Prettia Hair color by Kao.
I'm gonna try to new color which is called Natural Ash.
I think my hair color is too light now than I wanted to be. I'll dye someday in a few days.

②Yogurt for lunch. Fat free. I always try to buy fat free one, but I'm not sure it's helping me or not.(T_T)

③(Kid's )Curry for lunch box.
Don't worry about the character on the package, even I didn't know who are
I love curry rice, this is so useful, It's always ready to eat and small enough for topping to rice in the lunch box.

④8×4 Powder Spray Deodorant.
It was cheaper than usual. so I bought them.

Yes, I love it.
Time to have some glasses of red wine with this.(*^_^*)bye-bye~~


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alice--Avril Lavigne

I cannot believe today is end of March, and we'll have some cherry blossoms are blooming soon.
Today, my town has snowing....I'm almost freezing.
I don't need snows anymore in this season.

I had a really really great time with my best friend who from Washington.D.C. yesterday. We went to same high school and we traveled  several times together. We went to London, California(Los Angels), Las Vegas, and she visited me to San Diego one time when I was living there.
Now she is living in Washington.D.C with her husband.
We can meet once a year or less, so one time we met, we just cannot stop talking and laughing.
I love her so much, and I hope she loves me too.:D
She will go back to US soon, we need to see each other one more time before she leaves.

Talking about a song of Avril Lavigne from "Alice in wonderland."
Have you already watched this movie?
I believe that she is the prettiest girl in the world. However, this song "Alice"is not going to be my favorite song...My favorite song of her is still "My happy ending."

I wear pedicure after a long time.
I tried this color today.

Cute light green with glitter. I bought this at NORDSTROM in San Diego about two years
It still works well anyway.

Oh no,,,my room isn't getting warm at all. Freeeeeeeeeeezing!!
I hate cold winter night...and I don't wanna approve that the day of April will be deep in snow.((+_+))


Friday, March 26, 2010

What was happened finally to my hair...

Hello, Shihoco dayon.
What was happened to my hair,,,since I dyed my hair about a week ago...(Please read my latest post.) 
Unfortunately, there wasn't big changes. Maybe my original color (based color) is too strong, and the Sweet Milk Tea color is little weak coloring.

Do you see the color gradation the part where I pointed in this picture?? Honesty, I cannot see
Well,,, I will put more dark color again to make gradation next time. I'll orget about this time.
By the way, I bought a few clothes for spring and a big bag last week.
I haven't taken those pictures yet. As soon as I take them, I'll update.

I'm so happy and exiting now! because my best friend will come back to here from Washington D.C. for vacation. She is living in there with her husband now and she will visit to her family this time.
Maybe we will go out and driiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink soon.☆

Have a great night.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sweet Milk Tea


I'll make a little changes to my hair from now...(●´mn`)

I bought Beauteen by hoyu, and the color is Sweet Milk Tea.

Ok,I'm going to dye my hair.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New color made by huri huri=?iso-2022-jp?B?GyRCIXkbKEI=?=


How is it??
Looks little righter than real in this picture.
Well...It's not my favorite result that I expected.(>_<) But I still like this color too.

Plus, I cut bangs a little(o^∀^o)

Have a good dream☆
I'll attend a welcome party for new co-worker at work tommorow night.


Whipped Hair dyeing kit.

Today, I wanna show u a new hair dyeing kit which is on sale by Beautylabo, hoyu.
This hair dyeing kit is very funny and bland new.

It's called "Huri Huri Whipped Hair color"
I choose the color of "Caramel Custard".
Do u see cute shape of this?? It's like cocktail shaker.

What is inside??

Some materials as usual...

How to use this??Let's watch this TV commercial which is showing in Japan recently.

I tried too!!

Looks good! Yummy~~lol
It's really like Whipped cream, maybe banana flavor i guess!!...just kidding.(*^_^*)

Actually, I just finished put it to my hair and now I'm waiting for my hair will turn to new color.
I think It isn't going to be big changed, but I still can fix the black hair of the hairline.

I will update my new hair color later.
Oh! I have to go for taking shower to wash it out right away.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Throat Drops

I still have heavy cough...I need cough drops!
For this reason...I bought some packs of drops.
This strawberry one is really really good!
This drop has too delicious as cough
Looks like sandwich of candy. There are tiny dried strawberry in the middle pink part of sandwich.|´∀`●)

Go and find this candy at the Japanese supermarket near your place, or send me a message if u want me to get for

Bye bye~
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am in Hawaii

Good Evening.
I couldn't write my blog about a week...Maybe I was just lazy, no saying I've been into playing
Well, I was sick again last weekend. One of my co-worker caught a bad cold, and I was infected from him so I was laid up with a cold whole weekend.
I still have little coughs, but I'll all right for soon.(゜m゜*)

Now,,,I stop at the MacDonald's for having a burger as dinner.
Now, Japan MacDonald's has limited meals which are served 4 different kinds of burgers at each 4 periods time.
They serve "Hawaiian Burger" now."ヽ( ゜∀゜)ノ"
Locomoco Burger!!
This is the first time to see Locomoco in the burger.
Actually I'm looking forward to meeting "California Burger" for next limited period's menu.

I believed that there is Avocado on it, but I cannot find them from the picture of the
Yeah, Avocado is usually in California Roll, not in the burger. I was so silly ne.☆


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello! I haven't updated since last Friday...
I spent a busy weekend. even I didn't sleep well.

And, I forgot to attach the madeleine's picture which I made Friday night.
I think I did well for the first trying to make them.

I'm really into making sweets since I bought a liquidizer, and I found out the oven in my kitchen is not broken(I though it's broken...). It works well
I'm thinking what I'm gonna make next...maybe some cookies or chocolate eclair.

I did kinda big shopping today after work...

Yeah~~~!!!New NINTENDO DS i.
I used to have a NINTENDO DS Lite, white one...but I lost it!(T_T)
I still have no idea, where I left my DS Lite. I also lost some game programs too.
I almost gave up to buy new one, because this is not cheap stuff, and that was totally my fault to lose it so I was not gonna try to have new one for self-examination((+_+))However, many of my friends have I did wanna join them too!!...Finally I bought.

Cute pink body...


I really wanna start to play with this ASAP.
However, I'm extremely sleepy sleeping hours is totally lack since last week.

And, I wanna show you some DS customizing items from our store PLadge.
This is Hello Kitty Jewel Sticker for DS i (clear version). 

Pink one too.

If anyone want to get those, please visit our store PLadge.