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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday gift from my friend.

I just turned to 28th on today.(*^_^*)
I visited my friend house last Sunday, she invited me to her house and she made nice meal for me too with her family.
She is same age with me, but she already has two kids. Her kids are soooooooo cute!!!
Her son is just turned to 2 months old...he is so happy baby.
I had a great time with them.
They make me want to get married and have kids. Someday I wanna have my own family like her...

Well, She gave me such a nice gift for my birthday.

I usually don't buy such a luxury cosmetics by myself...Wow!!

She knows my taste very well.
I only use brown color eye-shadow all the time.
Thank you very much! I will try to use it from tomorrow morning!!I cannot wait to use.

And, I did quick shopping yesterday on my lunch time.

I really need new sandal for this spring and summer.

I still love this kind of design with studs.
I will wear this sandal with long dress with flower print. Sweet and Hard combination style. I'll update pics that I wear them if I have a chance to take.

At the last,
One of my friends who lives in San Diego, USA, sent me cute stickers for scrap booking.
We exchange the letter sometimes and she always puts cute American goods with it.
Thank you~☆I love all of them
I cannot use them because
Have you ever heard this Japanese words??"MOTTAINAI".

Ok, I'm going to go bed now.
After finish tomorrow work, I'll have vacation for a week!! Fight!!
Thank you for reading my blog today too.
I hope all of you have a wonderful day.

Good nite.


Thursday, April 22, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated my blog more than a week...
I was so lazy these days, I don't know why, I just didn't feel like doing anything after I got home from work, and so sleepy...I go bed before changing the date, I used to awake until 2 o'clock at midnight.(I know it's too late I thought I'm but of cause not.

The week before Friday, 9th of Apr.
One of my friend Ayu asked me to go drink to celebrate my birthday! 28th of this month is my birthday☆
And she gave me such a wonderful gifts.

Let see...


Beautiful container of ANNA SUI.
What is in there...


Two nail colors. Gold and Sweet pink.

Pink lip rouge with glitter.

Cream eye color.(White gold.)

Thank you Ayu!
I haven't used them yet, I'm just waiting some special day for using
How ANNA SUI's cosmetics are cute, like princess.

Do you like ANNA SUI 's cosmetics??

Well, I'm introduce my friend Ayu again.
She is a vocalist of band called Ange:Lyrique.
They play at live house in Nagano, and sometime in other cities.
Her band is categorized Hime(Princess)-Rock.
I attach a few songs of them from their first album "Dearest".

I hope you like their songs.(*^_^*)

Japan has a big holiday in next week. We call Golden Week.
I'm wondering what I'm gonna do on 7days off.

Love, Shihoco.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm always hungry. and NOTICE for everybody.

Hi, Shihoco taso desu.
I wanna attach a few pics which were taken at Sunday a week before, the day I went out with my best friend who  had visited Japan from Washington.D.C. (Her name is Ai-chin.^^)

We ate too much!
We always love to eat anywhere anytime when we hang out.

We went an old fashion American style restaurant.

I ordered cheese burger with avocado, and Ai-chin ordered Hawaiian style burger.
Hers burger has a slice of pineapple inside. Looks so yummy~~but I never change my favorite, I  always order cheese burger at

Then we moved to Karaoke room, and we ordered this as snack.
A big basket of French fries.
There are two kind of sauce came with it, of cause one is ketchup and the other is Mentai Mayo sauce, *Mentai is fish's egg. It is so famous food in Japan. Mayo is Mayonnaise as you know.
That was super delicious. I wanna eat again.
We took a PURIKURA too!(*^_^*)
And, we shopped at Avail. Avail have a lot of cheap and nice clothes.

This top is only 780yen!!
I got this one, and Ai-Chin bought white one, we got those for work.
I also bought another top.

This is 980yen!!
I did really good shopping.(^-^)
Ai-chin also bought a room short pants of Rirakkuma.(Sorry, I didn't take the pic of that.)

Now I miss her again.
She said she'll be back on Christmas holiday of this year. but Christmas is the way too long...(T_T)
I cannot wait to see her again soon.

Bye the way, I have a notice for everybody who read my blog.
My mail e-mail address has been changed.
New address is
Please remain this and if you want to contact me directly, please give me a message to this address. Thank You.☆

Today's song.
Ana Johnson/Coz I Can


Thursday, April 8, 2010


I just got home now.
My eyes are so dry and tired. I go bed asap.

my nails are getting messy.(ノд<。)゜。

Today was long day...

good night!!


Friday, April 2, 2010



I wanna show how my hair was changed.

I thought I left the medicine on my hair too long more than it was supposed to leave. But I like this result.(o'∀'o)
The color is called Ash,but I see it's like olive color.
I think I eat the bottled olives a lot with my favorite red wine,that's why my hair has just turned more●´mn`)

Have a great weekend, the internet line is down tonight in my room...I don't know why.(。・ω・。) So I'm gonna watch some DVDs untill I asleep.(*_*)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Buying a magazine which I used to read.

Today, I came back to home earlier from work than usual, as soon as I got home, I went to straight to take a shower ans I washed my hair only using shampoo, not any treatments stuffs, that's mean, I 'll dye my hair, for better result, I always wash my hair only with shampoo before dying.
I still think my hair is too lighter than I wanted to be, so I put Ash color this time for tone down the color.
I'll update the pic after I finished as usual.(^-^)

I bought a magazine at amazon.

GLAMOUR April.2010
I used to read this magazine when I was staying the US.
I like the advertisement pages which are instilled perfume☆

Today, here is so warm night like really spring. I love it.
I cannot believe we had snow a few days

See u,