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Sunday, October 25, 2009

New color lenses Produced by Sakurina.

Hi! Shihoco is here~~
How was your weekend? for me, I didn't do anything special:-(
I just slept a lot!lol I was sleeping as a log...
For weekend, my circadian is totally messed up. I wake up at the afternoon , and I eat something (too late then I take a nap, I wake up again and I take my dog a walk, I go out small shopping...I got home, eat dinner, take a I'm writing this blog.
Actually, I went bed at 6AM this morning, what did I do until 6 in the morning??
I was watching DVD of BONES. I'm really into this program.
I checked that it is already shown to SEASON 5 in the US, but I'm still on SEASON 2 yet. You can see that I'm in DVD rental store all the

Anyway, I went small shopping and I got new color lenses.
This lens is from CandyMagic.

let me show you which one I got this time.


Inside the package.


then I opened it.


Next time, I will update the pic of I'm wearing those.
I have no energy today to wear this and take good picture of my

I'm listening with iTune of songs of Perfume.

I really recommend this song to you.
They are amazing.
This song makes me feeling like to go club. Very intoxicating sounds.



Thursday, October 22, 2009

New pants!!

Hello, Shihoco dayo~~
I'm going to post a short entry tonight.
I got new short pants last night. Once I found it, I really liked, and It wasn't expensive at all.

Back style first...


Two of cute pockets on the back.



I really like the clothes which has studs on it.


I'm going to wear this on weekend!!
I will wear black tights and boots with this pants.

What are you going to do this weekend?
My partner Atsuko will go Nagoya on business.
I miss fresh water eel of Hitsumabushi.

Have a great weekend!

Love, Shihoco

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Japanese Sake-GOTOCHI KITTY-

Today, Hello Kitty is loved by the people in all of the world.
In this blog, we will introduce to you "Gotochi Kitty" and including Japanese culture also.

☆Japanese Sake(We call NIHON-SHU)☆

sake3 by you.

As you know, Japanese Sake is one of the most famous traditional drink in Japan.
At the beginning, I'm going to explain to you what is Japanese Sake.
Sake is made by fermenting rice. It's the most typical Japanese brewage.
We can say that it is like wine as brewage, and also like whiskey as made by staple food.
Today, many many people in the world likes Japanese food much more than before, so Japanese Sake is also getting famous as Japanese beverage.

Well, do you know why Sake is traditional brewage in Japan?

The making of rice has been performed flourishing in each places of Japan since the ancient time, therefore there are a huge number of Shuzo(the warehouse for making Sake, it's like wine cellar) in various parts of Japan, and the many kinds of local brand Sake exists now. It is very difficult to grasp all of them even for the authorities of Japanese Sake.
Especially in Nigata Prefecture, where is famous area of making good quality rice. There are many of beautiful rice fields and long-established famous Shuzo also.

This Gotochi Kitty comes from Nigata prefecture.

sake2 by you.

We usually keep Sake in a brown color bottle(much bigger than wine bottle.) at home, and the traditional cup for drinking Sake is called "Masu"(square cup which made by wood) or small cups of ceramics.(like shot glass of tequila !) but we usually don't use "Masu" for daily.

sake1 by you.

Look at this image, Kitty wear the cloth of the brewer of Sake(who the person works at Shuzo.)
and has a big barrel of Sake.
This Sake barrel is used for important events in Japan, for example, traditional wedding ceremony, celebration of opening store, and moving party for new house. People breaks the wood lid of Sake barrel and drink Sake of inside with everybody for celebration!
Unfortunately, we cannot see this event every time on anywhere, It's kinda very special now, so I can say that you are so lucky if you have a chance to see this during visiting in Japan.

(This Sake barrel is only use for event, so barrel bottom is raised.)

I guess, this Kitty had a glass of Sake already...her cheek is turned to





※枡 画像

※おちょこ 画像




Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Cosmetics Oct.2009

Shihoco dayo^^

I've been so busy since last weekend. I attended a wedding of my friend who from High school at Karuisawa, Nagano.
I wore simple gold dress.
The bride wore so beautiful wedding dress when wedding ceremony then,She changed to such a nice bright red dress at wedding party. I really envy her~~lol
It makes me wanted to get married with someone:D

I took a picture of me.


Then, I spent whole weekend with my friend from Tokyo after weeding party. I had a great time!! I drunk just A LOT in that weekend...I'm still tired even in the middle of week...and also it seems that I caught a cold too. Now I need to go bed after quick posting this entry.

Today I'm going to show what I got new cosmetics recently.


I got two kinds of BB cream from Korea.
One is for using daily which is natural color(right side), another one is within shiny particles.(left side)
I haven't used yet, and I already gave to my friend the shiny one. I have to ask my friend how was it. I really like BB cream. Now I'm using Japanese brand's BB cream for everyday, but as you know the original BB cream is from Korea, so I'm kinda exciting to use it.


This is BOBBI BROWN's gel eyeliner.Black and brown set with brush.
If I buy this in Japan, maybe I have to pay more than $50, but this set was great buy, around $35. I've never used BOBBI BROWN's gel eyeliner before, so I'm really looking forward to the effect by the quality of this brand.

I also got a few more fashion items,but I really need to go sleep now.
Sorry,,, I will write about them soon.

Have a good dream.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cinnamoroll from Hawaii

Hi,Shihoco dayo~~

I don't know why weekend past so quick...
I'm always tired on Monday night.can't wait next

Pladge's another owner Atsuko, went to Hawaii with her friend a few weeks ago.
She got me a pair of cute Cinnamoroll cellphone charm!!
Cinnamoroll is my favorite character from Sanrio.

This charms are limited version which sold at only in Hawaii.

Thank you Atsuko:D


I really wanna this too!
I found at Akihabara last year...but It was kinda expensive...(more than 10,000yen)
I gave up to get cute!

Does anybody have this cute doll??


back style.
cute tail^^


In the box.


Next time, I found it at somewhere...I might bring to my

Love, Shihoco

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sexy candies...

Who is going to wear these sexy

Love, Shihoco