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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How to make original false eye lashes for under eye.

Today, I wanna show you how to make (customize) original false eye lashes.
This is the way I found out a while ago, I hope It'll be help for your ideas to create your original favorite style false eye lashes.

I'm typing very slowly tonight, cause I've just put nail polish on my finger nails, I'm afraid to scratch at my undried nails...but If I keep typing this speed, It'll take forever for finishing to write
So, I don't write a lot, I'll update many images instead of.

*I apologize to you for all the pictures are too small and unclear by some reasons. :(

At the beginning, I'll show you which kinds of false eye lashed I used to customize.

☆Diamond Lash (Loverly eye)

☆Diamond Lash (Sweet eye)

I'll start with this.

Cut and Separate for two pieces. (Separate for Last 4 pieces of thick part and the other slight lashes part.)

Cut thick pieces again and make them for 4 pieces.

Put back the small 4 pieces which are made at process ② to the slight part. You can put them back by your favorite balance.

④If you want to make more thick ,use this 
piece of Diamond Lash (Sweet eye), for extending the corner.

For more customizing,
 use other pieces of 

and, cut your favorite length,(I recommend to cut them little short length for looks natural.)

You can add the pieces which are made at process ⑤ as much as you want to fit your eye shapes or make-up.

*I put  ☆Diamond Lash(glamorous eye) for the upper lashes.

 Do you like this customized false lashes?

  *I always use this glue, it works really great for my false eye lashes. You can check from here.

Thank you for reading my tutorial for making original false eye lashes, I hope it'll help for you to make your favorite false lashes!!


  1. omg it´s really useful!! thank you very much :) I love diamond lash, I have to order some!! :D

  2. Oh my! What a lot of work! I found this very interesting even though I don't use false eyelashes.


  3. hey my dear!

    thank you for this great report. i've never used bottom lashes because i think it looks strange on my eyes. but i think i was because of the wrong lashes. now i will try it in you way :)

  4. Your custom lashes look great!!
    I am going to have to try that :)

    Come visit my blog sometime!