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Wednesday, September 8, 2010



I got great gift from my friend Kari who lives in California.
She sent me such a wonderful stuffs for my birthday, my birthday was about 5 months ago,lol
but who cares that, I'm just so happy with her sweet heart.

She knows my taste very well since we've been great friend close to 10 years.
When she gets the gifts for me, always picks somethings makes me sexy and gorgeous, maybe
she wants me to be more sexy girl.:D

I went to pick my package to the post office near my house.


Body care products from VICTORIA'S SECRET.

(Refreshing body mist)
Grapefruit, Jasmine, and Mango.

I excepted the smells of rose when I saw this bottle's design, but much better than rose's smell.
Little sweet and very softy fruit's smell.
I love this the best in the three of them.

Romantic Wish.
(ultra-moisturizing hand and body cream.)

I'm the person who use hand cream all season after I wash my hands.
My hand skin is really easy to get dryness all the time, so I'm really happy to get new cream for
my hands.
Honesty, I cannot say what kind of smell is this, maybe some flowers but my first impression of this smell is "water melon." but I'm sure that I'm wrong and I have bad nose.:(

(Hydratind body lotion.)
Pear blossom, peach, and pink sugar.

This is the first time to try this series from Victoria's for me.
I spread just a little bit on my arm, and this works very good.
My skin was getting very soft and smooth.
It said "SPARKLING" so I thought this lotion make my skin shiny, but it not.
I really don't care about that anyway, because I'll use this for daily, I don't need to be shining.

(Powder puff.)

And she put a wonderful body cosmetic from Victoria's too.
This is the body powder for making my skin very very shiny!

I tried on my hand.
My skin is shining with gold and yellow tiny powder.:D
So cute. I do wanna wear this when I attend my friend's wedding party for next week.

Thank you again, Kari.

I'm so happy that my collection of body care goods is expanded!

Today's  song.

Brand new single of ViViD.

Thank you for reading my blog.
I hope all you have a great day.


  1. I love it when I get lovely gifts from far off places! These treats look fab!

  2. you got such a nice presents. i heard that victoriy secret is a real good brand. especially the underwand. unfortunately i never found them in germany :(